Nitrile Heavy Coated Gloves with Safety Cuff (Safe Man)

Feature Benefit

Cotton Cut & Sewn Jersey Lined (Supported) combined with Heavy Duty Nitrile Coating, Smooth Finish coating, Non Smooth Finish or Textured Finish for Excellent Grip. Soft jersey lining provides outstanding comfort, even in hot or cold temperatures. Available in an option of Palm Coated or Fully Coated styles. Heavy Coating offers more resistance to cuts, punctures, abrasions, snags, oil & grease & recommended for most Industrial work. Open back (3/4 coating on back of palm) offers more comfort & breathability to work for longer hours in warm conditions. It offers excellent durability & flexibility for most Industrial & material handling applications.


Casting & Cores


Steel Plants


Steel bars


Handling Bricks, tiles & concrete

Oil Industries

Shipping & Warehousing


Refuse collections

Engineering Industries

Art No. Coating Sizes Colour Cuff
L603 3/4 on back M-XL Navy Blue on Natural
Colour Liner
Safety cuff
L604 Fully coated M-XL Navy Blue on Natural
Colour Liner
Safety cuff