Nylon Knitted Seamless Gloves with PVC Dots

Feature Benefit

Nylon gloves more flexible, sensitive, comfortable & more Mechanical Protection. Nylon Knit Construction makes more snug fit allowing workers to do more delicate of operations. The dots on Nylon offers positive & enhanced grip. The Nylon is Lint free.


General maintenance

Shipping & receiving

Food processing

Light fabrication

Shipping & Port Handling

Drilling Rigs & Offshore companies


Automotive Assembly

Material Handling

Art No. Gauge Weight Colour
NBW-10G-PD-1 10 M to R Natural
NBW-10G-PD-2 10 M to R Natural
ND-10G-PD-1 10 L Coloured
ND-10G-PD-2 10 L Coloured
NBW/ND-13G-PD-1 13 L Natural
NBW-10G-IC-PD-1 10 L Natural/Coloured