Nylon or Polyestore Gloves with Foam Latex Coating (comfy-grip)

Feature Benefit

The gloves made from Nylon or Polyester Yarn makes the gloves lighter, flexible & comfortable to reduce hand fatigue. The natural Latex coating in foam (Textured) finish Sandy offers superior comfort & better cut resistance. Nylon or Polyester liner also makes it exceptional comfortable & reduces hand fatigue. The back open allows breathability. The porous structure coating of rubber is ideal for handling slippery & abrasive objects.



Hardware and Hand tools


Transportation and warehousing

Injection Moulding and Castings

Shipping and Receiving

General maintenance


Art No. Gauge Sizes Colour Coating
L501 13 M-XL Black/Grey, Black/Green
Blue/White,Black/Hiviz Colour
Palm Coated