Para-Aramid Knitted

ParaAramid Knitted Seamless Gloves are available in 7,10 & 13 Gauge Knitting Options in different weights, sizes & cuff lengths to the order. Para-Aramid Knitted Gloves are available with an option of having PVC Dots on One Side or Two sides for Superior Mechanical Protection cut resistant with Grip. While Para-Aramid material provides high tensile strength and performs (5) five times stronger than steel. The Para Aramid Gloves provide superior mechanical strength for heavy duty application.

Feature Benefit

Para Aramid is an organic fiber in the aromatic polyamide family. It has a unique combination of high strength, toughness & thermal strength. It provides excellent resistance to cuts, abrasion, sparks and heat. The Para-Aramid Yarn is 2.5 times more cut resistant than leather and up to 60% more cut resistant than cotton and it will not melt or burn. These Para-Aramid gloves and sleeves can be produced in many gauges according to the dexterity, comfort and cut protection.


Metal/ Sheet Metal Handling & Fabrication

Glass Handling, Manufacturing / Canning & Bottling

Sharp Edged Objects

Automotive Manufacturing

Cable Handling

Handling of Hot Objects (Upto 100 Degree)

Ceramic Industries

Cut Protection

Art No. Gauge Weight Colour
PA-10G 13 L Yellow
PA-7G 7 R to H Yellow
PA-13G 10 E.L. Yellow
PA-Sleeve 7 R Yellow