Polyester (Spun or Filament) Knitted

Feature Benefit

The Synthetic Yarn is used to make the gloves lighter, lint free & economical than Nylon or Polyamide. These gloves are available in option of 10G in Man & Lady sizes & colours like White, Natural White, Blue, Black, Grey etc..
These gloves are made from 100% Polyester Continuous Filament Yarn, which absorbs the moisture to be absorbed during extended wear, which makes more comfort to the wearer. The less lint makes less or no contamination of the products while handling.


Mechanical Protection


Paint Shop


Precision Handling- Assembly

Automotive Industries

General Maintences

Art No. Gauge Weight Colour
PF-10G-W 10 M to H Natural White
PF-10G-D 10 M to H Coloured
PF-13G-W 13 UL to L Natural White
PF-13G-D 13 UL to L Coloured